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Asian Dating – Online Dating for Asian People

Asian Dating is a dating service that focuses on Asian people and dating between them. There are people of other races and nationalities there too – like those interested in Asia in general, living in Asia or fascinated by Asian women. There seems to be a tendency here that the website is mostly visited by Caucasian men in their 30s and 40s. There is also plenty of women in their 20s and 30s who come from different Asian countries. Most women have free accounts while men often purchase premium accounts because it lets them stand out and makes them more visible in the eyes of the other users. As a premium user, you can message everyone without limitations and the free users can actually message you back too. This gives you a bigger chance to get responses from people.

As a free user, your options are slightly limited. Free users can only send hearts and show that they are interested in others. They can’t message other free users, only premium users, so it is possible to start talking to someone and even continue without paying. Although there is nothing to indicate that the other person uses a paid account, you should try messaging the people you like anyway, if it gets to them you will be able to talk. You can highlight what your dating preferences are and use a favorites list – add and remove people you find attractive or want to get to know better. Doesn’t matter what account type you have, you can still see every profile on the site. The descriptions have a lot of information. You can verify your profile and then others can see that your profile has been verified. All members can also view all pictures that were uploaded by others. You need to fill out some basic information, answer questions about your hobbies, passions and favorites, also describing what you look like and what your life revolves around – all of this is very accessible and lets you meet others before you even actually meet them. You can add the stuff that you want others to have – their traits, appearance details and other stuff. You can add a longer paragraph about your ideal partner.

Asian Dating also offers you an app that works well and is easy to navigate. The downside is that you may be shown the same matches for a longer period of time and for some days straight, the app doesn’t stay up to date with what is currently going on among users. The features of the app won’t be that available to you if you are a free user, so you should consider getting a premium membership.The premium service gives you a ton of extra options: you can hide your searches, search for others using additional preferences, translate your messages into other languages of your choice, you also can use an instant chatting service to talk to your matches live. The translation tool is very helpful on a site that is open to people of different nationalities, this way most barriers are down. Asian Dating concentrates on the expectations of different Asian people from different countries: they can find people of their race or any other race and nationality available, this is their specific space. You get shown people who most closely match your ideal traits and appearance features so this can really be your dream person.

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