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Coffee Meets Bagel – unique dating site

Coffee Meets Bagel is a unique dating site that lets you meet new people who are selected specifically for you. It creates matches based on people’s traits, preferences and the people they know – a lot of matches are friends of the users’ friends. This site tries to give women a lot of freedom in making their choices and finding partners. Men have 24 hours to give their opinion about the women they get shown – they can either like them or pass on them. Women, on the other hand, get 6 matches every day, which consist of the men who have already liked them. Generally, there are some time limits here, such as that some options – like being able to chat with each other, make a yes or no decision and more – expire after a certain period of time. The main focus of Coffee Meets Bagel is to give people the best quality of dating possible, rather than hundreds of people to choose from. This is why the app makes use of its users’ Facebook profiles, the information included there and the friends’ connections, so there is a chance that you will be matched with someone that you have met or heard about before.

The app seems to be targeting people who live in big cities, since it relies on choosing the best quality, especially among friends of friends or people you could have met already but not directly. It’s more useful for those who want to find relationships and real connections. It’s made for young people, especially young professionals or students. CMB isn’t available as a desktop site, you can only use it as an app. There is a website that presents the app’s features and encourages to join it for new, unique experiences. You need a Facebook account to be able to log in, since the app uses the majority of this info to prepare the best matches for you. But this also makes it extremely quick to sign up. You are asked to submit some more details, such as finish a few sentences and fill out information about your background, education and more basic things. The downside to this dating app is that it might be harder to meet people if you don’t live in a major city. It will also be more difficult if you don’t know too many people or don’t have a proper Facebook account with accurate information or friends. It may also be harder to meet complete strangers.

It could take you a while to get to know people here and go on dates, because if you pass on all of them you need to wait to be able to view more people. You may also have to wait to get responses from them. You can’t manually search for other users, they are only visible to you through matches. You can see what your ranking position is among other users. The profiles stress the users’ education and professions, so you can see exactly what others do in life and what their life history is. As it often happens with dating sites, Coffee Meets Bagel also offers a premium membership which may speed up the process of finding a date. You also get things to use in the app (Beans, which let you unlock some features and additional options, and Woos), see if your messages were read and can get activity reports about your matches.

The #LadiesChoice feature gives men 21 potential matches every day at noon. These matches are called Bagels. From these matches, every woman will receive 6 matches that are supposed to be the best choices for them and they can make their decision on whether they are interested in each of them or not. Open Sesame is an option that lets you view the friends that you have in common with your matches. You can send another user a Woo to let them know that you are interested in them. You can view a set of matches from your area in the Discover tab. These also get refreshed at noon, but this feature gives you more freedom and displays users that might not match your preferences exactly and vice versa. A lot of these are available for paid users, so if you are not successful after a while you might want to look into these extra options. Coffee Meets Bagel is definitely a unique and carefully planned idea, which gives you more quality dates. The fun features that you can use make it more interesting to look for dates online.

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