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Elite Singles is a dating site made for those who are set on finding a serious relationship. If you are looking for that, for someone who is mature, maybe ready to start a family, to bond with you and form a new life together, this will be the place to go to. It is nearly impossible to find any hookup options here. It makes use of its users traits, likes, wants and views, and shows them those who will fit them the most. This dating site targets those who are past the fun point in their lives. To somewhat prove that, it has been checked that the majority of users are people who have university degrees. It is not a dating service that lets you choose the users you are interested in – based on your expectations and info, it suggests the right matches for you. It is used by a similar percentage of men and women, each accounts for around 50% of the site’s users. Because it focuses on stability and a more formal approach to dating, the majority of people who use it are in their 30s.

Join to EliteSingles

You do not need to wonder if the other person is here to have a quick chat, one date or are looking for something serious, because everyone here is looking for a regular partner. The sign-up isn’t instant, you are required to fill out a survey about yourself and your potential partner. There is also a personality test in which you answer some random questions which determine who you are based on your typical behaviors or thoughts in certain situations.

Features of EliteSingles

Some options are available for everyone – you can find out stuff about them and let them learn a few things about you in 5 Questions, where you ask or answer questions that are relevant either to you or the person you are interested in. However, a big disadvantage of Elite Singles is that you need to have a paid membership in order to messages other users, receive messages and more, like being able to view other people’s pictures. So you need to be prepared that finding love here will cost you some money, unlike it is with other sites, which offer premium features, but give you basic options that are crucial to chat and be talked to for free. If you do choose to buy a membership, it will renew itself every time so you don’t need to do much about it after the payment

On the other hand, the profiles have a lot of information and the site really lets you get to know other people. There is also a mobile app that can be used from your other devices – unfortunately, for now it only operates on Apple devices, but it works well.

There is a personality test that concerns personality traits, such as: Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Openness, Extraversion and Neuroticism. But it doesn’t display the exact answers, these remain private. You can ask other users to answer your 5 questions so you can find out about some details about them that are important to you. This site for meeting new people is definitely one of the safest, most legitimate ones, devoid of bots, fake profiles and scams. Most people work serious jobs, are highly-educated professionals, at least that’s what has been discovered. That’s where the name ‘Elite’ comes from. It definitely offers a high level of everything, both the users that visit it and the options themselves, with most features available after paying a fee. But this also means that it delivers high quality content, like in the articles it contains. They cover different topics, are pretty elaborate and detailed, aiming at helping people reading them in their issues concerning their love life, psychology, feelings, past traumas and experiences, dealing with good and bad sides of life. When you do decide to pay for your membership, you will get all the best features of EliteSingles. What you will find here is an environment that is filled with people looking for genuine connections. It gets good reviews on the compatibility accuracy and you can actually meet people here, unlike if you use some less formal sites on which it’s even hard to have a conversation.

Naturally, this isn’t a place for you if you are unsure whether you want a formal relationship or want to have fun or upload graphic pictures, so if this is your preference then you won’t find what you need here. It’s a site that’s popular worldwide, very popular, so it’s possible that you will find your perfect match here. It’s organized, well-made and effective, it works very smoothly.

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