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How should a woman behave on a first date?

Motto: “The first true love is always the last one” – Andrzej Majewski

Women are much more spontaneous than men, they rarely meticulously plan each aspect of the date
like men do. However, many of them often wonder how should they behave on the first date to impress
their potential partner. What to do and what to avoid to make the date a pleasurable experience for
both parties involved? While men tend to focus more on their behaviour, the things they say etc. –
women usually focus more on their looks. It is widely known that men are visual creatures and
oftentimes all they need to stop paying attention to what the woman is saying is her looking like a million
dollars. Here’s some advice on how to charm yourself a man.

Let him know that you’re interested

Men, in spite of appearances, can get very self-conscious. Appreciation and acceptation is what they
seek in their partner. A lot of eye contact indicates that you’re interested in your interlocutor.
Sometimes, when a woman is shy she might not be able to keep her eyes on her partner’s, which he
might interpret as a lack of interest in him. When that’s the case, the woman should steal a glance or
two at her partner’s face and smile. Sometimes, men can find this feminine lack of confidence adorable.
Women have an innate charm which, coupled with a smile and spontaneous, natural behavior is more
than enough for a man to be on cloud nine.

Well received behavior

The first date is always the deep unknown, because we don’t know what to expect. Usually, first times
are far from perfect. However, maybe you can help the first date to go smoothly, if we listen to some

Be emphatetic – react to your date’s words, of course not too impulsively. It’s usually best to just smile,
nod, and use adequate facial responses. This will make the man feel like he’s being appreciated and

Don’t hesitate to flatter him – every man is a bit narcissistic and likes to be praised. Why shouldn’t you
praise him if he’s worth it? Pleasuring your date helps to build a bond between you and him. Make him
know you appreciate his masculinity.

Take care of your looks – pretty obvious advice, women have that in their blood. Andrzej Majewski, a
writer, once said ““Clothes are meant to cover our exteriors and reveal our inner selves’’. So, your looks
should mirror your true self. The outfit should also be appropriate for the time and occasion. A glamour
dress will look bizarre if you’re meeting in a park, some trendy sneakers will look inappropriate in a fancy
restaurant. Avoid clothing that is too revealing, not every men likes easy prey.

Be nice and funny – men don’t like blue, troubled women. On a first date you should avoid telling your
partner about a bossy manager, a friend that turned out to be fake or your fender bender. Instead,
engage in topics that are more universal, light and undemanding – like travels or his hobbies and

Express your individuality – there’s a common stereotype according to which guys like dumb blondes. Of
course, some of them are seeking exactly this, but they’re not men you’d like to have anything to do
with. Most men love interesting women, full of character and individuality. With a partner like this they
won’t ever get bored.

Don’t do this!

Stress and discomfort quickly make themselves seem in anyone’s behavior. Even if before the date you
were a bit nervous, take a few deep breaths and try to chill out. Men like women who are spontaneous
and chilled out.

However, there are some behaviors that make the fact that you’re nervous pretty obvious. The one thing
that’s interesting about them is that they’re almost the same both in men and women. Here are a few
common ones to avoid:

Logorrhea – oftentimes, we try to mask our nervousness with running our mouth; hoping that the
constant pour of our words will mask the fact that we are nervous. Nothing could be more wrong than
this assumption. When it comes to the amount of words spoken by a man and a woman on a date, the
woman will always win. Women love to talk, so much so that this statement has become a stereotype.
Such an uninterrupted stream of words will disabling your partner from taking any part in the discussion
shows your nervousness. As Andrzej Majewski once noted “One who talks much usually has little to say”.

Overexaggerated gestures, playing with random your hair, pieces of clothing or random objects –
adequate and subdued gestures isn’t bad, it means that your interlocutor is agitated and engaged in the
conversation. Men love when women alluringly plays with her hair, bites her lips or playfully fiddles with
her dress’ ribbon. However, nervous and too prominent gesticulation doesn’t make a good impression,
as well as constantly fixing your hair or rubbing your neck or nose. Playing with random objects laying on
the table shows that the woman is bored and not interested in her date.

Just act natural – men really don’t need much to be happy. They are perfectly ready to forgive you
almost anything if they took a liking to you, because in that state they are unable to see your flaws.
That’s why styling yourself like a Hollywood star or wearing Dior dresses is completely unnecessary. You
possess a great natural beauty, don’t cover it up with too much makeup.

Be confident, but not full of yourself

Men don’t like princesses, women who are emotionally unstable and weepy. This doesn’t mean,
however, that they like overly confident, “strong” women either. Men are the conquerors and defenders
of the so-called “weaker sex”. Even if the shifting cultural standards seem to contradict the previous

sentence, you can’t win with the genes. A woman that is confident, but maybe just a bit “lost”, will elicit
a positive reaction in most men.

Trembling voice – the most common sign of being insecure is talking with a breaking, trembling voice.
This reveals your nervousness and discomfort. Use a normal, calm voice, even if you’re a little stressed. A
very highly pitched, squeaky voice is usually disliked by men.
Awkward silence – well-read and intelligent people won’t ever struggle to find a conversation topic. Of
course, you are intelligent and well-read! But let’s say your date picks a conversation topic you’re not
familiar with, for example whether Porsche is superior to Ferrari. What then? Fret not, there is an easy
way out of a sticky situation like this. If you’re unable to bring anything into the conversation about a
particular subject, just change it gracefully. On the other hand, constantly interrupting your interlocutor
or ranting is just as dangerous as silence, if not more.
Wrong rendezvous point – The place you pick for a date tells a lot about you. Pick a place that makes you
feel good. Don’t forget your own safety, though – picking a secluded place is surely a bad idea.
Don’t dominate the conversation – let him get a word in edgewise! Avoid sensitive subjects and talking
about everyday problems. Scientific research proves that a sense of humor both in women and men is
very likeable.

Fear of making the wrong impression

It’s obvious that the person will behave differently in different situations. However, changing your
behavior on a date and forcing yourself to act in a way that is unnatural or simply doesn’t meet your
moral standards is never good in the long run. No woman will ever be liked by all men and vice versa.
Using various techniques and tricks you can seduce any man, but you probably won’t be able to build a
long-lasting relationship with him. If you really want to get to know somebody, build a long-lasting
(maybe even an everlasting?) relationship, you have to show your true self to that person. Of course,
first let him get to know you from your brightest side. He’ll either accept you or not. And what if he
doesn’t? C’est la vie, tomorrow’s another day! At last, you shall meet your better half.

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