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OkCupid is a dating site that slightly differs from Badoo and Tinder, but the range of users who choose it to find whatever they are looking for is wide. It has also existed way longer than both of its possible competitors, as the website has been in operation since 2004. There are maybe more people who look for relationships, formal or less formal, but you can easily find those who want casual meetups or only hookups.

There are a lot of details about yourself that you can fill out, most of which are optional. You can answer a number of questions about your sexuality, what you like and dislike, you can also import the information that you have on your Facebook profile. It’s good to use this option to include plenty of info about yourself, but you don’t have to do it immediately, to launch your profile you only need a few things and then you’re good to go. You have a ton of room to express yourself in the best way and however you think it will be best for your purpos

Registration on OkCupid

The registration isn’t instant, but it should only take a few minutes. Based on your information, you are suggested different profiles of people that you might be interested in. There is also a personality quiz, where you answer some specific personal questions, mainly about your typical behavior, but this is not mandatory. It might be helpful if you are looking for a committed relationship and want to present yourself to those who might potentially be into you. You answer questions about yourself, but also about the partner you want – which of their traits are you fine with, which traits should they have and which personality types would you rather avoid. You also get asked about the importance of these traits to you and your priorities.

OkCupid – Features

The people who match your answers and preferences are shown to you. You can message anyone whenever you want, but the person will only see your messages if they liked your profile. This may slightly limit your options and a good match might accidentally not see you and a chance for a cool relationship might be lost. Nonetheless, that also protects the site’s users, since they don’t get messages from people they found unattractive or strange, and this feature resembles Tinder’s policy where its users can only message each other after they both swiped right.

The profile information available is very broad and it’s relatively easy to find good matches, the process isn’t completely random. All the profile details can be viewed by all users, as well as all pictures, whereas some sites let users set some pictures’ privacy to not public. OkCupid also offers a mobile app that is simple and accessible. Most features are entirely free and the ones available for a fee seem to be really optional, such as seeing if the other person read your message or viewing the people who liked you. These may be helpful for sure, but it’s good that the site doesn’t ask you to pay for basic features that would define your whole experience with OkCupid.

The matches generally seem to be suggested with a dose of accuracy, but many people complain about the site’s technical effectiveness – or its lack. Sometimes the site may crash due to a big number of users being on the site at the same time. Sometimes the site might experience problems with loading its different parts.

It’s advised that you answer more and more questions if you want to find people who are more compatible with you. There is another features called DoubleTake which shows you details of a certain user so you can decide if you may be interested in them or not. It’s the people who are looking for the same things as you, depending on what you set your preference to. A feature that may interest some people the most is the option to boost your profile from time to time so more users see you.

OkCupid also has a chat room in which you can just chat with anyone. You can use their mobile app to be able to access people from any place.

Overall, it’s a must-try if you are searching for random encounters or don’t really have a clear idea of what you are after – it might not be easy to find a serious relationship here. It’s quick to easy and you can consider people’s personality and interests in deciding whether they are your type or not.

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