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Privacy Policy

Datingguide.online (the ‘Service’) is owned by Dating Guide corporation (the ‘Owner’). Below are our regulations on privacy policy. Read about who can directly or indirectly access, review and store the information you share with us. By accessing www.datingguide.online you accept this privacy policy and the way in which your information and our content are managed and kept. These rules apply to each Service User. Users at least 18 years of age can access the Service. To ensure security and privacy, the website uses an SSL Certificate. In order to identify you, we may ask you to provide some personal information.

Log Data
When you use our Service, your browser sends us certain details. It may include information such as the details of your browser, your IP address, how often you click on specific content and the features of the service you are using. To enhance its use and quality, we can use third-party options to monitor our Service. We do not own their privacy policy, which is all created by third-party services owners.

Use by Children
Those who are at least 18 years of age are allowed to use the Service. No information is collected about anyone below that age. If you are under the age of 18 or are aware of anyone using the Service like that, let us know so that we can remove the information that may be collected.

Service Providers
The Service provides access to third-party dating sites that are not owned by the Owner. The Service as a distributor provides access to them. Each of these may differ from these terms in the privacy policy. These sites' owners might otherwise store your information, which details should be available on their sites. Cookies
On the device you are using, you can enable or disable cookies, which may make certain parts of the Service invisible or inaccessible to you. To collect information and personalize your online experience, we use cookies.

Third Party Sites and Other Providers
Apart from the Service, we are not responsible for other website's privacy policy regulations. You should first review their privacy policy if you decide to access any link, advertisement or third party dating website.

Changes to the Privacy Policy
We reserve the right, at our discretion, to correct, add or remove any of these regulations on privacy policy. You agree with the revised versions of these terms and regulations of the Privacy Policy by continuing to use the Service. Your responsibility is to remain updated if changes or alterations are made to these terms of the Privacy Policy.