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SilverSingles – Online Dating For Seniors

SilverSingles is a dating site made specifically for people who are aged 50 or more. It was created to help mature people get to know their soulmates, regardless of their life history. Many things could lead one to realize they are feeling lonely and everyone’s life is different. This date site invites mature people to join a community in which they can find understanding and a true companion for life. This site should be used mainly by paid members – as a free member, you can’t view other people’s pictures or message them. It makes the community more exclusive, but more used for its original purpose. In order to register as any member, you need to complete a personality test, this way you can be matched with your potential interests based on who you are and how compatible you are with other people. It connects people together through the works of a unique algorithm that binds mature people together and finds love for people of any age.

Whether you are in your 20s and decide to use the website, or in your 40s, you might find some profiles of people who are your age and slightly younger than the rest of the users. This is because Silver Singles might also be used by anyone who is looking to find an older partner. This dating app is definitely not for you if you want something casual or a random experience with someone. Here pretty much everyone is looking for a serious, long-term relationship.

Registration on SilverSingles

The personality test is lengthy and consists of around 100 questions. Because of that the whole registration process can take quite some time – even if you try to do it rather fast, it should take you about 20 minutes to complete it. You are supposed to say how much different statements apply to you and if you agree or disagree. When this is all done, you get 7 more questions that you answer to in written form – you are supposed to write a few sentences for each. These exact responses will be displayed on your profile, along with the picture you uploaded. There is a search option on the website and you can choose your particular preferences. You get shown plenty of people that the site thinks you would match with. You can see who is in your neighborhood, who might be your type and more. If you are a match, your potential partner sees you higher in their search results, just like you. There is a favorites list to which people can add each other to show interest. As a free member, though you can’t send messages, you can send smileys to indicate that you would like to talk to this person more.

Because of the long and detailed personality test, you can really learn a lot about other users. You can’t view their pictures as a free member, but all the other information and answers are shown. This does prove that the website focuses on real relationships, trust and stability, because it wants everyone to learn about other people’s personalities – especially if the pictures aren’t shown to everyone, but the test answers are. The premium membership might increase your chances of finding the person you are looking for and will let you talk to them. Some people claim that not a lot of profiles are active there, although there aren’t many fake profiles or scammers registered there. The SilverSingles mobile app can only be accessed by premium users.

Important features of SilverSingles

As a premium member, you get some other extra options. You get unlimited messaging, are able to view the people who visit your profile and see everyone’s pictures. However, if you are not sure, try the free version of the site first. You will see if this is the dating style that’s for you, you can search for different users and add members to your favorites list, so see if you get any responses from them! The membership isn’t very cheap, but if you are interested in this kind of site, it will definitely be worth it.

There is no age limit on the site. It doesn’t offer any games or fun quizzes you can do, it focuses on people’s compatibility. This is where you can find a person for life and a real partner, because everyone is pretty straightforward and the whole process of using Silver Singles online is secure and steady, so nothing will surprise you or trick you here! Something that isn’t always that common is that this dating site is used by people from many other countries and it’s open to everyone.

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