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Tinder – best online dating apps

Tinder has been one of the most popular dating apps since its launch in 2012. It’s a lot of people’s first choice when they think of meeting new people online for any purpose. Though it is mostly known for allowing people to connect with strangers in their neighborhood or in other selected locations in a casual manner, it is also a popular site for finding more or less serious relationships, friends or hangouts – to find some new people that you can hang out with in the evening. Its popularity and a huge number of users who get Tinder, with different expectations and needs, makes it a great place for anyone. It isn’t strictly a hook-up site, but it’s widely used for that purpose, which might make it tempting for a lot of people to join, especially those who aren’t that open about their needs and don’t want to visit sites and apps that are more explicit and vulgar.

Meet new people on Tinder

Signing up is extremely easy and quick because you need to use your Facebook account to do so. Tinder uses your likes and interests, and includes them in your new profile. You can choose the pictures that you have been using on Facebook, but you can edit your gallery – pick your main photo and some side ones that you think are your best, most attractive ones, or simply those that depict you in the way that you want to be seen by others, that they make the first impression that you want to make. You can write a short biography, describing a few main things about yourself, what you do in life and what you are looking for on this site. You can write a humorous sentence, something that makes you stand out or anything else. The interesting thing is that Tinder can be connected to other apps and accounts that you have, so you can have all the info about yourself in one place. Some of those additional apps include Spotify and Instagram.

Meeting people on Tinder takes place when two people match with each other. You can change your preferences and view profiles that are chosen at random. Then you swipe either left, if you are not interested in that person, or right, to indicate that you like them. You get matched with people that swipe right on you as well. You can always remove a match if you change your mind or the person starts sending you strange messages and they won’t be able to talk to you.

Most important features of Tinder

There are some special features available for a fee, but everything you need to do in order to meet people and view their profiles is free. The premium features include going back to view your previous swipes, unlimited right swipes, more super likes (which let you show other people that you are particularly interested in them), changing your location, seeing who viewed your profile and more.

Since Tinder doesn’t really verify your details, many people can join the site, some of them might be using fake pictures. There are some new extra features that were added to the app, like Tinder Social, which lets you create hangout plans with your friends and invite strangers to join you. There are also other features that can increase your popularity, so you get shown to more users which gives you more chances to be liked by others and talked to.

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